Although it also has many festivals and religious celebrations that have nothing to envy the rest of Andalusia, to enjoy the style of Jaén must visit the cozy villages that can be found in every corner of this province, because that way you can taste typical dishes such as pipirrana or ajoblanco. Vegetables and legumes are widely used in the kitchen along with game meat, dishes such as gazpacho, kid with garlic cabañil or roast kid, partridge or pickled beans are a good example of the quality of its raw materials.

La catedral de Jaén



Here are a number of places you can not miss


  • The Sierra de Segura, Cazorla and Villas located in the province of Jaén, is an amazing place in terms of vegetation, towns, rivers and animals. Escape worth to see one of the lesser known parks and most charming of Spain because there is a lot of tourism, there are charming villages, places to sleep and eat very cheap and very many interesting excursions to see the birth of the Guadalquivir River Segura the Tranco swamp, hike, pick mushrooms, swim in the river and enjoy nature.
  •   Jaén Cathedral is also one of the symbols of the city, a historic meeting place since the fifteenth century. Many were surprised at how big the cathedral to the size of the city, but is that since its construction was erected to accommodate the thousands of pilgrims from all over Spain and Europe to visit the relic of the Holy Face, still can see some day from 10:30 to 12 am in the chapel of the Cathedral.
  • Baeza Cathedral, the church has three naves covered with ribbed vaults, tracery only the cruise and the header. A preserved pillars were fluted columns with capitals abut platerescos. Has consideration Monument since 1931. Stresses the staircase and climb the tower.
  • Baeza, while the old town around the Plaza de Vazquez de Molina, which shine the Collegiate Church of Santa María, the Palacio del Marqués de Mancera and the beautiful Church of the Savior is admirable, I would have stayed with little taste of being by my wandering soul, which led me to wander aimlessly for hours. Úbeda saved many treasures scattered throughout the city and draws attention to the lack of information for the traveler who is in their streets.

Directions from 'The Castillarejos' to Jaen