Granada is one of the jewels of Spain and one of the most visited places by tourists worldwide. The one that was long-time capital of Al Andalus, or Andalusia mora, offers some of the most important memories of this time in Spanish history, with the world famous Alhambra to head of list.

Rio Dardo a su paso por Granada
Sierra Nevada



Here's a tour of Granada


  • The Alhambra and the Generalife are the most visited monument in Spain, 3 million visits in 2012, and were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984.
         Now, with the restoration of the beautiful Fountain of the Lions and his return to the Alhambra Nasrid palaces looks its best.
  • The Albaycín is a world apart in all Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence. It was here where the first Muslim court built in the eleventh century, the Zirid. The San Nicolás city descended to the banks of the river Darro, cármenes luxury populated and endowed with splendid public baths, as shown by the Bañuelo.
  •  The Cathedral of Granada shows impressive facades and a magnificent interior with a magnificent altarpiece and several chapels. In the burial chamber are the tombs of the Catholic Kings. Carlos V, always respectful to the memory of his august grandparents wanted the planes were held as had been the desire of the Catholic Monarchs.
  • The Church of Santa Ana in Granada was built in 1501 on the mosque (mosque) Almanzra. Curiously, add that here he married Mariana Pineda, nineteenth century heroine, executed by a liberal flag embroidery.


Directions from 'Los Castillarejos' to Granada

Camino a Sierra Nevada
Puerta Elvira
Cuevas de Guadix

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