The possibilities are many and varied, you can choose from nature tourism, historical and heritage ...

Proposals of interest

The scenic panorama offered in high quality, opening our eyes ...


  • Parque Natural de la Subbetica: 'The Castillarejos' are located in the same limit. Multiple routes are possible (by car, bicycle and on foot), to enjoy the scenery, watch birds, endemic flora discover ...
  • Greenway Subbética: this route of nearly 60 km. is the old railway line has Oil and communication with 'The Castillarejos'. It allows the hiker and cyclist enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Southern Subbética and Córdoba. 'The Castillarejos' makes available customer bikes.
  • Laguna del Conde or Salobral: located less than 10 km. of 'The Castillarejos', this comprehensive book of nature is one of the largest in the province of Córdoba. With an area of ​​almost 50 hectares. is particularly relevant for its birdlife and specifically by the white-headed duck.
  • Peoples of Luque and Zuheros: both are less than 2 km. and two locations in southern Córdoba anthology, both scenically and from the standpoint of historical heritage. Noted for its white houses among winding streets and steep, and primarily by the parish church of Luque and Bat Cave in Zuheros.
  • Other surrounding towns (Baena, Priego, Genil Bridge, Goat ...): These stocks are very interesting examples of baroque art, surrounded by beautiful countryside, with notable traditions (Easter, pilgrimages of the Virgen de la Sierra and Araceli , Corpus ...) and crafts (Lucena bronze).
  • Cordoba, Granada, Ubeda / Baeza (Jaén), Malaga: no more than an hour's drive you can visit some of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia with undoubted monumental attractions, historical and gastronomic.

Also, and in concert, may be possible to visit some of the agricultural facilities of SHL: olive farms and especially the oil mill and winery themselves, where visitors can see the process of developing an extra virgin olive oil.

Finally, it should be noted that there are numerous pubs and restaurants throughout the area, where you can taste the local gastronomy, wines of the Appellation of Origin Montilla-Moriles Rute or anise.