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    'Los Castillarejos' settle on the ground of an old Andalusian farmhouse which has been recently built to accommodate the rural apartments of the same name.

    Construction criteria combine respect for the traditional architecture of the region and the use of local materials, such as limestone and stone of the surrounding mountain range, along with a firm commitment to modernity and functionality. Thus, the design consists of several floors and is played with the volumes and lights to create inspiring spaces where customers can enjoy and relax. 

    Energy sustainability should also be highlighted, as the hot water and heating is generated by solar panels and a boiler that reuses as natural fuel from the oil mill own family.

    In the extensive grounds of the species have been planted Castillarejos arboleas native as oak, hazel, olive, almond, which leverages collecting rainwater for irrigation of the building.
    The infinite pool, Thetys Sea, and is used parcialmene saltwater heated by solar panels that can extend the swimming season.


    The scenic panorama offered is high quality, opening our eyes.


    • The steep Sierras Subbéticas with the picturesque town of Zuheros at an angle. The Natural Park which protects this region suggestive provides a number of routes and places that make you discover unique to those who visit their undoubted natural values ​​(geography, flora and fauna, etc..) And human (agricultural, ethnological, monumental ...)
    • The transition to the rolling countryside, chaired by the people of Baena.Este village, surrounded by olive groves everywhere, leading to the designation of origin of oil of the same name, famous for its quality and purity.
    • The plains of Luque-Alcaudete, walking the river Guadajoz and is installed in the Laguna del Conde, comprehensive nature reserve with an abundance of birds and amphibians.
    • The other sector buttresses Subbético with 'Tajo del Algarrobo', at whose feet lies with its ubiquitous Luque its imposing castle and parish church of 'The Assumption'.
Each and every one of the apartments enjoy these beautiful vistas, sure to satisfy the visitor.